Project Details:

  • Client: D1 Sports
  • Location: Homewood, AL
  • Delivery Method: Design-Build

Powers & Associates provided Design-Build services to D1 Sports for this specialized boulder containtment project located in Homewood, AL. To summarize, a geotechnical report indicated concern for the slope behind our client's athletic and training facility. The primary culprit was a 1,600 TON boulder embedded into the slope with evidence of downward progression. A sizable portion of the boulder is in free float with a large void on one side. Any movement could ultimately result in a landslide, causing a potential threat to life safety and risk significant property damage. Needless to say, the opportunity to mitigate the risks were justified. We performed this special project using a series of 20' long steel rods drilled into competent bedrock and stabilized using the GeoBrugg® system. With heavy gauge steel mesh, cables, rock bolts, and anchors, we were able to contain the 21,000 cubic foot boulder in place with all parties at ease.